Tuesday, May 21

Picnics and dining alfresco? Must be Spring then...

A couple of weeks ago, just before I went on holiday (Post coming soon!), we had a spot of lovely weather! It fell directly on my brothers birthday! We went to Frome and had a look around the Vintage Market (another post coming soon!) then ate a lovely lunch in the beer garden of the Archangel.

Those same couple of days (I think thats the longest English weather can stay fine), Zach and I were enjoying some alfresco eating ourselves, by eating a picnic every night in the field behind our building. Although its quite warm now, I would give anything to have that weather back! *sighs*

Style diary: Red, white and black.

Top- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Ted Baker.
Jeans- GAP.
Pumps- Instant Vintage.
Bag- Mulberry.
Nail polish- Rimmel.

Today I'm keeping it simple! Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn and throwing in a Mulberry bag for good measure!

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Monday, May 20

If you buy only one thing this summer...

This dress should be it! Spring picnic, Summer wedding, or a late Autumn evening out...this dress is perfect. 

The shape is stunning but the fabric print is so retro (it reminds me of something my grandma used to have). 

At £45, its affordable although I think it looks quite expensive! The Belt is also included (if only the shoes were too!).

You can pick it up here at Asos.

Style Diary: A good day for Raybans....

Whenever the sun decides to make an appearance (winter or summer), the Raybans come out. They do for outfits what dressing does for a salad (take it as you will).

Although you never can be sure how warm it is, I refuse to wear anything other than sandals unless its raining this time of year! 

Jumper- Ralph Lauren.
Jeans- Gap.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Sunglasses- Raybans.
Bag- Vintage.
Sandals- Dorothy Perkins.

Sunday, May 19

I'm Back!!

What a difference a bit of vitamin D makes! I have spent the last week in Kos, Greece and soaked up rays like they are going out of fashion!

I can't tell you how refreshed and inspired I am once again. After everything that has happened over the last couple of months, I think it was just what I needed to regain focus and to see things clearly again. 

I have had some great ideas for the blog, so stay tuned for changes coming up!

Sarah XxX

P.s, I'm aware this picture has nothing to do with anything I've just said. But you can't beat coffee in bed...

Friday, May 3

Friday I'm in love: Pondering over Polish

With my impending holiday looming (and thank god for that), I'm just getting my last bits and bobs together and choosing a nail polish in an impossible task. I want something bold and summery but that goes with all my outfits and Bikinis!

And then comes the hardest part...Chanel or MAC!? Tips and recommendations please!

Thursday, May 2

Poolside Reading...

This time next week, I will be in leaving on a jet plane for the Greek Island of Kos. My mum and I go on a weeks holiday together every year, just us two. It only involves dressing up, eating delicious local cuisine laying in the sun, reading and drinking cocktails...we wouldn't have it any other way!

Last year we went to Crete, and my books were all set in Greece! Captain Corelli's mandolin, a book of fabels and various takes on modern day mythology. I decided to choose something a bit different this year...

The first two books on the left I know nothing about, except they are set in warm countries, they are romantic novels and I like the pictures on the front! (feel free to judge me for that!)...

The third is something I've wanted to read for ages. F.Scott Fitzgerald is my favourite author (currently, at least. Its been known to change), and I thought I'd give his troubled wife's only novel a read. I have a feeling it will be brilliant.

I will be writing reviews when I'm back, so stay tuned!

Monday, April 29

All you need is love...(and a ribbon tie jumper...)

Despite the weather not being particularly  even slightly warm, its ok once the sun comes out....I mean, you'll still be cold, it just won't bring tears to your eyes. I keep telling myself the weather will only get warmer...lets just hope I'm right!

That aside, I decided to get myself some sun in pastures greener. My mum and I are heading to the Island of Kos in 10 DAYS! I simply cannot wait to feel the sun on my skin!

In the meantime, here is a spring outfit I've been living it. Mother nature, I've been dressing the part, so yours!

Sunglasses- Bought at the Brooklyn Flea (N.Y.C)
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Jumper- Instant Vintage.
Trousers- Gap.
Pumps- Instant Vintage.
Satchel- A Vintage find (org Morocco 1970s) 

What are your summer plans?

Friday, April 26

Friday I'm in love!

Ever since Spring decided to grace us with its presence, I've been obsessed with printed trousers. I'm currently collecting out for my outfit posts next week! 

While I love what I've picked up, I'm currently drooling over these pair too... I may have to give in to number four!

Wednesday, April 24

Bath in Fashion

Last week, I attended The Bath in Fashion catwalk show, and what a show it was! I went on behalf of work, so was very busy taking pictures but managed to get a few of my own...(not my finest photography!).

House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England