Friday, August 31

What I wore...

New York City, August 2012.

Day five: Breakfast at Tiffany's and Coney Island.

If you spent your birthday in New York City, what would you do?

I never need justification to spend money at Tiffany's (I am only human after all), but I waited until my birthday. I'm glad to say it does not disappoint. There is something very wonderful about swinging about two Tiffany's bag on the way back to your hotel. 

Me, My godmother and My Mum.

So you can go to Coney. Another amazing place! 
I was worried it would be a little run down and sad but it was colourful and vibrant. 

It took about an hour on the subway from our station, totally worth it. I read my 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' book. Its even better than the film, Capote is a truly great writer.


Dress- Monsoon.
Scarf- Vintage, My Grandmothers.
Bag- Vintage, My Grandmothers.
Sandals- Topshop.
Sunglasses- Monsoon.

I had such a lovely birthday! Take me back please!


Thursday, August 23

What I wore...

New York City, August 2012.

Day Four: Empire state of mind...

I had a constant flow of lyrics in my head whist in the big and beautiful apple, ('Brooklyn bay, where they birthed me at'-Jay-Z/ 'Queen of Coney Island/ Cipriani's basement'- Lana del Ray)

But Empire state of mind came to me at this point

My Godmother (in the blue dress) and her husband.

Me and my mum.

Left to Right, Alison, Vincent, my Dad, Mum.

As great as it was getting a birds eye view of the city, I nearly kissed the ground when we got down! It was scary, but beautiful!

Empire state.Flat Iron building.Staten Island. Magnolia bakery. Dylan's candy store.

Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Dress- Monsoon.
Bag- Vintage; my grandmothers.

Night Night! XxX

Wednesday, August 22

What I Wore...

New York City, August 2012.

Day Three:  Brookyn with my boy...

Even though we went to New York in a group (my mum, dad, Godmother and her husband), it was so lovely just to have a day to ourselves. My other half has always been the most thoughtful, kind and smart man I've ever met. He did not let me down! Now, it doesn't take a genius to know I love a good flea market, but it does to find one on the other side of the Atlantic, on a set day.  The plan for our day date? A wander around Brooklyn, grabbing lunch, possibly finding a park to enjoy the sun in.

Not only did he find a flea market but he discovered Dumbo for us. Maybe I'm being a typical Tourist, but how chic is it!? Amazing bookshops, cafe's, just our kind of place. We had the most amazing day. Its amazing what you discover when you walk of the beaten track! I LOVE Brooklyn! 

I tried a Starbucks iced drink...I missed coffee!

I couldn't resist a pair!

Sunglasses- A stall @ The Brooklyn Flea.
Top- Instant Vintage.
Trousers- Instant Vintage.
Bag- Dorothy Perkins.

We ended up having drinks by the East River, in a place called 'The River Cafe'. It was lovely, we had a jetty to ourselfs to enjoy the view and some delicious wine! Later I found out its pretty famous!

Have a wonderful evening! XxX

Tuesday, August 21

What I Wore...

New York City, August 2012.

                                                                  Day Two:  The Brooklyn Bridge

For any friends or family reading this tonight, you will know the Brooklyn bridge and me have history....

Four and a half years ago I was in New York, and became afraid of heights! It happened on the Brooklyn bridge and I was sick with Vertigo. Long story cut very short, I've always vowed to go back and conquer my fear (my fear of heights now includes plane rides, bridges, anything at all high up and it completely took over my life at one point). 

So, There I was looking it right in the eye again. 

I did it. I was completely terrified but I did it. I can't say I'm cured but I got a kick out of pushing my limits!

Pretty glad to have my mum's had there! I squeezed pretty hard though!

Poker  face.

My Mum and Dad

Also Visited that day : Grand central station and Little Italy/Chinatown.

Top- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Ted Baker.
Shorts- Peacocks.
Sandals- Tesco.
Bag- Urban Outfitters. 

Until tomorrow...


Friday, August 17

What I Wore....

New York City, August 2012.

Day One:

So my first day in the big apple, I felt it was important to make an understated, yet chic statement. I knew it would be hot...but it was H.O.T. like-I-can't-breathe-hot.

Luckily, I opted for white cotton. My fashion instincts served me well...Until central park.

White cotton and grass/dusty soil? I take the above statement back.

These outfit pictures were taken on the rooftop of our amazing hotel (which will be featured in a future post), which was high. I'm not fond of heights, but in New York, who was I kidding?

Hammocks however, are good...

Cotton maxi dress- Yumi
Satchel- Vintage (my Grandmothers) 
Raybans- Macy's (a previous NY trip)
Necklace- Monsoon.

Yawn, jet-lag is still kicking my ass, but at least my first day back at work is over with and I'm back in the Zone!

Have a great weekend my friends!


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