Wednesday, May 30

Today I'm wearing...


Its summer in the city and that's the way I like it! Its times like these I wish I had a garden or a local lake/ sea that is clean enough to swim in! 

Yesterday I had a lovely day, with my brother and his little puppy! We sat in the garden and attempted to teach her how to play fetch! A lovely way to spend my first day off in two weeks!

Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs.
Top- Apricot.
Chino's- Instant Vintage.
sandals- F&F.
bag- Vintage.

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago. It was about 30 degrees and it was pretty stuffy! The clothes themselves and so light and loose, which is perfect. 

My bag was my mum's in the seventies! I love it, its so retro!

Until tomorrow...

Sarah XxX

Thursday, May 24

Today I'm wearing...


This is an outfit, I never thought I'd wear (and enjoy). I've never liked to wear anything androgynous or masculine, despite never despising the look itself.

Very feminine women pull it off beautifully, but I never thought I would feel comfortable in an outfit like this...

However, I LOVE it!

Blazer- F&F @Tesco.
Shirt- Instant Vintage.
Jeans- Gap.
Sandals- New Look.
Bag (unshown)- Urban Outfitters.

I do appreciate its just a shirt and blazer, but that's brave enough for me...maybe loafer's next time!

Its been another hot day here in bath. Absolute heaven! Not so nice at night, but I am not complaining!

Fingers crossed its this nice next time I have a day off!


Wednesday, May 23

Today I'm wearing...

National Anthem...

I'm feeling patriotic today. The sun is shinning, everyone is happy and yesterday we all welcomed the Olympic torch through bath.

And since I've had Lana del ray's album on repeat for two weeks (I love every song), I thought this title was more than appropriate!

Sunglasses- H&M.
Blazer- F&F @ Tesco.
Tea Dress- Monsoon.
Leggings- M&S.
Brogues- Topshop.
Satchel- Next. 

I love this outfit. My smart summer look, its chic, retro and a great mix of colours!

Although I'm working today, I will defiantly find a way to enjoy the sunshine even if its just the walk to and from!

Have a lovely day everyone!


Tuesday, May 22

Today I'm wearing:

Working Girl...

I can't tell you how good it feels to be back to blogging! I have missed it so much whilst I took some time off and I've been catching up on all my favourite blogs. 

The summer seems to have rejoined us here, which is so exciting! I've been throwing together some summer looks, so stay tuned...

Coat- Tesco.
Scarf- Lisbeth Dahl.
Denim shirt- M&S.
Dress- Instant Vintage.
Leggings- Instant Vintage.
Loafers-  L.K. Bennett.
Bag- Zara.

This outfit is my classic work outfit. Its great whatever the weather, and my favourite colours. Its also looks great  with boots! The bag is my favourite! My boyfriend bought it for me for my 21st birthday...

What's your classic work outfit?!

Sarah  XxX

Saturday, May 19

Daughter vs. Mother.

Ever since I remember...I've loved fashion. If something good or bad happened, it would usually go hand in hand with a shopping trip...I loved september, which was when I'd get to a stock up on clothes and school supplies before starting school.

I believe this is genitic. My mum is the same. We love pretty things and perfecting our outfits! But it all came from my Grandma...

She became fashion obsessed from a young age also. My grandfather and her would save every penny and go to paris to buy her beautiful dresses. She prioritised that over everything, which sounds a bit familiar!

When ever my mum and me see my grandma, she's always asking us where we got our clothes and how much (inflation never sits well with her!).

So after we booked our holiday to crete, mum and I looked at each other and smiled. The contest began.

Of course its just fun...but honestly....who is better dressed?!

What do you think!? What do you wear on holiday?!

Sarah XxX

Friday, May 18

I'm back!

So while it looks like I have disappeared off the face of the planet, I have actually been quite busy!

In the last two weeks...

I've seen the queen....

Some girlfriends and  I met up and went to see the queen recently! She was in Salisbury (which is where my friends live). It was a lovely day and I loved seeing my girlfriends!

Got a dog (well my brother did!)

For my brother's 18th birthday, he got a beautiful baby girl! A chocolate lab called Coco...She is an angel!

He's so pleased! His exact words were 'best birthday present EVER!'

And I've had a weeks holiday in Crete! It was bliss....

I went away with my mum and we ended up staying in the most beautiful hotel ever! Fantastic food, friendly staff and we of course brought all of our beautiful dresses! The weather was beautiful and I'm very happy with my tan!

My holiday outfits will be posted tomorrow...

Sarah XxX
House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England