Wednesday, May 23

Today I'm wearing...

National Anthem...

I'm feeling patriotic today. The sun is shinning, everyone is happy and yesterday we all welcomed the Olympic torch through bath.

And since I've had Lana del ray's album on repeat for two weeks (I love every song), I thought this title was more than appropriate!

Sunglasses- H&M.
Blazer- F&F @ Tesco.
Tea Dress- Monsoon.
Leggings- M&S.
Brogues- Topshop.
Satchel- Next. 

I love this outfit. My smart summer look, its chic, retro and a great mix of colours!

Although I'm working today, I will defiantly find a way to enjoy the sunshine even if its just the walk to and from!

Have a lovely day everyone!


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