Saturday, May 19

Daughter vs. Mother.

Ever since I remember...I've loved fashion. If something good or bad happened, it would usually go hand in hand with a shopping trip...I loved september, which was when I'd get to a stock up on clothes and school supplies before starting school.

I believe this is genitic. My mum is the same. We love pretty things and perfecting our outfits! But it all came from my Grandma...

She became fashion obsessed from a young age also. My grandfather and her would save every penny and go to paris to buy her beautiful dresses. She prioritised that over everything, which sounds a bit familiar!

When ever my mum and me see my grandma, she's always asking us where we got our clothes and how much (inflation never sits well with her!).

So after we booked our holiday to crete, mum and I looked at each other and smiled. The contest began.

Of course its just fun...but honestly....who is better dressed?!

What do you think!? What do you wear on holiday?!

Sarah XxX

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