Friday, May 18

I'm back!

So while it looks like I have disappeared off the face of the planet, I have actually been quite busy!

In the last two weeks...

I've seen the queen....

Some girlfriends and  I met up and went to see the queen recently! She was in Salisbury (which is where my friends live). It was a lovely day and I loved seeing my girlfriends!

Got a dog (well my brother did!)

For my brother's 18th birthday, he got a beautiful baby girl! A chocolate lab called Coco...She is an angel!

He's so pleased! His exact words were 'best birthday present EVER!'

And I've had a weeks holiday in Crete! It was bliss....

I went away with my mum and we ended up staying in the most beautiful hotel ever! Fantastic food, friendly staff and we of course brought all of our beautiful dresses! The weather was beautiful and I'm very happy with my tan!

My holiday outfits will be posted tomorrow...

Sarah XxX

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