Wednesday, February 27

Good dress, bad hair...

I know what your thinking....cream lace dress and a blazer? 

Yes, I'm cold. But I love this dress!

What I do not love is my hair....Girls with do you deal with a static (cold+central heating=static) bangs? 

Scarf- Ted Baker.
Blazer- Instant Vintage.
Dress- Instant Vintage.
Belt- Ralph Lauren.
Bag- Mulberry.

Hair product recommendations please! 


Monday, February 25


No words. My vocab is now just Brrr. And Chatter.

Laugh all you want to my readers in Iceland/ Scandinavia/ Russia/ Canada...How is one supposed to cope with such frosty conditions? I just want to put on sandals and take a trip to the coast.

So, as I can't, and life simply must go on, I throw on my most suitable winter outfit and brave the city....

Hat- H&M.
Coat- Ralph Lauren.
Scarf- Missoni.
Jumper- Gap.
Jeans- Topshop.
Boots- Kurt Geiger. 
Bag- Mulberry.

Granted, it may not that be sensible but Missoni, Mulberry and Ralph Lauren have kept me warm today. Just.

Saturday, February 23

Up, up and away...

This time of year is always special for me and the beau. Valentine's followed by our anniversary on the 16th. This year was no exception.. We have been together five years now, and every year gets better....

We usually go away for the week, but this year we opted out as we have a few things to save for this year, but it was so refreshing to just enjoy to city we live in and love. 

I did well this Valentines day...

For our fifth anniversary, I got Zach a picture of our home from Letterfest. Its fabulous and will be perfect  once its framed! He's so pleased with it. 

We also had time for a shoot with Coco's birthday balloon..She didn't mind...

Jacket- Monsoon.
Scarf- Accessorize.
Top-Instant Vintage.
Jeans- Topshop.
Boots- Russell and Bromley. 

Friday, February 22

Keep calm and be British!

Zerrin, a dear friend of mine became a British citizen on Wednesday  and i couldn't be more pleased for her. After nearly 10 years in the country, she now has the full rights of a British citizen. The ceremony was beautiful and very amusing! It was an honor to be a part of it...
Although I was suffering yesterday because of the celebrations that followed!

Sorry about the poor picture quality, we all managed to forget our cameras- god bless the Iphone...

At least she had the biggest crowd of supporters- Welcome to England, Zerrin!

Thursday, February 21


Since the big chop, I've been channeling my love for the 60's. Bold print, eyeliner and a small obsession with factory girl later...

Leather jacket- F&F @ Tesco.
Dress- Dorothy Perkins.
Scarf- Accessorize  
Bag- Mulberry.

What's your inspring fashion era?

Wednesday, February 20

LND fashion week..

So I may not have attended, but I'm still glued to the live streams, watching to see whats going to be big!

Statement jackets is a big one and I added a bit of British may not be the jubilee this year, but we are due a royal baby...

LND fashion week..

Tuesday, February 19

Coco turned one!

As expected, a certain chocolate lab got very spoiled on Valentine's day- as it was her first birthday. 

There was cake and lots of presents...

She hates posing for pictures, mostly if I really want her to...So she sulks...

I love her so much!

Monday, February 18

Snug as a bug in a rug...

I've made no secret of my chunky knit obsession in the past. The reason for it is this : You stay warm and chic. What's not to like?!

The weather (despite being told its meant to be warming up) is still very cold and I'm getting impatient for spring. I look at my tunics and printed dresses and wish for it..

In the meantime- I'll make do with the chunky knits...

Leather jacket- F&F @ Tesco.
Chunky Jumper- Monsoon.
Snood- H&M.
Skirt- Coco's.
Belt- a gift shop in Colorado. 
Bag- Pop up Shop.

The Belt was a gift from my dad when I was about 8, when he went over to Colorado on a business trip. I always find it hard to part with things and this belt has always been one of my favourites. It may not fit my jeans any more, but it fits my waist (just about...).

Saturday, February 16

5 years with Zach

Five years ago today, I had no idea how much my life was about to change.

once upon a time
two people met
three house moves
four job changes and
five wonderful years later...
and I wouldn't change a single thing.

I love this man because- he opens my eyes/know when I need coffee/ tells me he loves me a million times a day/ works his ass off for our future/ shares my dreams/ wakes me up from nightmares and stays awake with me if I'm scared/ believes in me/ doesn't judge me when I have a meltdown/ lets my family and I obsess around coco and just plays along/ makes me laugh when we're trying to sleep at two in the morning/ he's  handsome, kind and very sensible (which I am not). 

Here's to the next 5 years...and every five years after that!

Monday, February 11


Frills and lace are as girlie as they come and I won't be letting a bit of rain ruin my outfit. Atleast its not snowing...oh wait- as I'm typing, I'm peering out the window...and its snowing. 



I've drank copious amounts of coffee today...

Headband- Topshop.
Trench- Burberry. 
Scarf- Ralph Lauren.
Bag- Mulberry.
Dress- Apricot.
Gilet- Shoon.
boots- Russell and Bromley 

This outfit is perfect for valentine's day, considering it will probably rain. Its practical but still feels feminine and romantic...

What are you wearing!? 


Chinese New Year: The year of the dragon...

Saturday, February 9

Gift guide for her...

1.Lyn Harris La Rose Eau de Parfum 50ml-was £25 Now £20.00
2.Rosie for Autograph Pure Silk Floral Lace Chiffon Dressing Gown- £59.00
3.12 mini heart silicone cases- £5.00
4. selection of cava and champagne, from £28.00
5. selection of flowers, from £22.00

Ladies only really want 3 things on valentines day; To look great, feel great and drink really, really great champagne. 

M&S caters for everything and will deliver to you door. Now, you have no excuse not to get her anything! 

Friday, February 8

Valentine's day for him.

If your stuck with what to get your man for valentines day, any he's anything like mine- this is the guide for you...M&S, you are a life saver...

All Items available from M&S In-store or online

1. Heritage Pure wool crew neck jumper- £49.50
Perfect for winter and such great quality- 100% wool for under £50!

2. Valentine's day Love CD -£3.50
Personalise this CD with photographs and your favorite songs. Sentiment is the most romantic gesture.

3.Heritage large globe- £35.00
For us, this will be a refection on our dreams and where we want to go together. It would look perfect on Zach's desk and hopefully, one day his own office, in his very own building. The soppy side of me can even see us pointing to our children when we've been- like my dad used to do for me...

Good luck gifting for your hubby's girls! 

Wednesday, February 6


There's not much more daunting than having a blog picture taken. In public. In the morning. When people are on there way to work. 

I've struggled with it since I began blogging- I think people assume it vain, maybe it is, but that's not why I do what I do. 
Since I discovered Fashion blogs I wished I had the confidence to do it. And one day I just did. Doing it gave me more- the blogging community is friendly and forever inspiring me. I could do it all day, if I could!

Coat- A charity shop find. 
Paisley necktie- Instant Vintage.
Smock- Instant Vintage.
Skinny jeans- Gap.
Ankle boots- New Look. 

Outfit photos are the only thing I struggle with, but I'm making a concious effort to make them alot more interesting from now on- and to find the time to do them. 

The wonderful thing about living in bath is that people just assume your a tourist! (apart from when you have to take your coat off for a better picture of your outfit * Awkward*  )

House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England