Friday, February 8

Valentine's day for him.

If your stuck with what to get your man for valentines day, any he's anything like mine- this is the guide for you...M&S, you are a life saver...

All Items available from M&S In-store or online

1. Heritage Pure wool crew neck jumper- £49.50
Perfect for winter and such great quality- 100% wool for under £50!

2. Valentine's day Love CD -£3.50
Personalise this CD with photographs and your favorite songs. Sentiment is the most romantic gesture.

3.Heritage large globe- £35.00
For us, this will be a refection on our dreams and where we want to go together. It would look perfect on Zach's desk and hopefully, one day his own office, in his very own building. The soppy side of me can even see us pointing to our children when we've been- like my dad used to do for me...

Good luck gifting for your hubby's girls! 

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