Monday, February 4 that you?

I know, I know...its only just turned February, but I'm dreaming of spring...

Snood- Dorothy Perkins. 
Top- Instant Vintage.
Jeans- M&S.
Boots- Russell and Bromley
Bag- Mulberry.

The winter is taking its toll on me...Look how pale and ill I look!

I mean look at me for Pete's sake...White jeans? I couldn't resist. The weather isn't as cold at the moment, and I'm surrounded by summery clothes at work. 

Any hoo....its feeling very much like winter tonight...The wind is howling out side and our windows are rattling (thats trusty Georgian building for you...), and we are seeking comfort in old Hollywood films and chicken, leek and mushroom pie. 

Oh, and dreaming about spring...


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