Thursday, January 31

Many a photo...

Its been a long month...and a mainly depressing one. The buzz of Christmas gone and the reality of how bad this recession is has really got to me, and at times, its been hard to focus on the positives.

January, I'm glad you are nearly over. Then we can move on to love hearts and chocolate...mmmm.




Tuesday, January 29

From sicky to quicky...

Just a quick post this morning and I'm sorry to say, the pictures are...not ideal. 

Its raining, Zach had to get to work and I've got a packed day..such is life! I just wanted to post this outfit as it is perfect for a horrid day like this- smart yet warm!

Cardigan- Charity shop. 
Dress- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Missoni.
Boots- Russell and Bromley. 
Bag- Zara.


Monday, January 28

Get the look: Pullin' a sicky...

Zach are housebound today, as he is unwell and I was lucky enough to have the day off to take care of him (not!). 

We've been up all night, and I'm starting to feel a bit spaced out!

I'm only really interested in getting dressed up if I'm going somewhere, so I stuck to lounge wear, no make up and cleaning up after my sick boy. 

Sick day...

Sick day... by houseofswoon 

I really hope I don't get sick too...

Sunday, January 27

Around this humble flat...

Part one: Our Kitchen...

Sorry I've been absent as of late: There are so many exciting projects are work at the moment and I've also been luck enough to have some time off over the last couple of days so I've seen my best friend (who I don't get to see nearly enough) and my family.

 Zach and I had coco to stay last night and have just had the most wonderful time- its always the simple things that make you smile; last night, rain pouring outside our window, braveheart on the box and cuddles with my man and my most favourite pooch? Bliss. 

Anyway, I always start feeling sick if I stay out of the loop too long (both in work and blogging), so I've eased my conscious by doing a post. Zach has been redesigning my blog so we've been too busy to take outfit pictures, but I've taken some snaps of our home. 

This radio was a Christmas present from my mum, we've used it almost every morning since then; a perfect start to our mornings.

Alcoholic beverages from travels abroad: Mexican tequila  Ouzo from Greece, Lemon cello from Italy and many a bottle of champagne.. 

I'm slightly obsessed with candles, I think it just makes your home prettier. 

Vintage teacups: The two on the left are from a charity shop, the last two were my grandmothers. 

A vintage Bread bin I picked up from a charity shop. 

Our fridge contains pictures of our childhoods, current life and family, as well as notes from friends and a magazine cutting of Zach at work. 


Monday, January 21

Snow (its all white..)

Its been snowing/ settling for about three days now- which is lovely. Of course here in England, there is widespread panic (come the summer, we will panic about a heat wave- what? They are dangerous even in the small 3 day doses we get them..) and shop closing, panic buying bread and milk and the occasional person actually enjoying it. 

Bath is the prettiest city in the world (I'm slightly biased...), but with a snow blanket, it is just stunning... see for yourself.

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