Saturday, October 27

What I wore: Gatsby.

Its a given I'm reading a F.Scott Fitzgerald novel at the moment, I mean, just look at the way I'm dressed. I can't help it! 

I find myself wanting to speak in 1920's grammar. Anyone else experiencing this?   

So, my outfit, I shouldn't have to explain. Brogues, floaty lacy things, pin curls, you get the gist. I'm totally hooked. Just don't let me dress like a the day (evening is fine, I'm guessing). 

Blazer- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Peacocks.
Dress- A shop in Soho, NY (around 5 years ago!)
Leggings- M&S
Bag- Mulberry
Brouges- L.K. Bennett

Behind the scenes: No, I'm not clutching my non pregnant belly, I'm in fact taking a picture of my outfit (birds eye view styley), so I can post it on twitter #truestory. 

My handbag, is one of my most precious things. A present from my mum and dad for my 21st. I didn't ask for it, and I think I nearly cried tears of joy. Edna (mulberry named her, not me!), is just stunning. 


My Week in Pictures...

My life according to my Phone pictures: Lots of feet snapping, Autumnal vegetables and time with Coco.

Sounds about right! 

Thursday, October 25

Bought this week...

 Subconsciously, I think I've got a slight Carly Simmons circa 'your so vain' obsession when I shop. I do have a love for 70's style clothing, but even this is slightly too far.

I'm so pleased with by shopping trip! I picked up some long leather gloves, I have been searching for  a pair, forever! 

The jumpsuit will have to wait until spring! 

Wednesday, October 24

What I wore: I think that we are going to be friends...

"Fall is here, hear the yell 

back to school, ring the bell 
brand new shoes, walking blues 
climb the fence, book and pens 
i can tell that we are gonna be friends"
- The white Stripes.

This time of year always has me humming that song.... 
Autumn leaves, cosy knits, hearty food and with bonfire night and Halloween just around the corner..I love Autumn!

Coat- Killah.
Bag- Urban outfitters.
Dress- Instant Vintage.
Boots- Russell and Bromley. 

Now, I'm off to make pumpkin soup...


Tuesday, October 23

Coco's first walk on the beach...

Around a month ago, Zach, my parents and I took Coco to Lyme Regis for the day. Its by far my favourite seaside town; sweet little shops, cosy pubs and its very dog friendly. Its very easy on the eye too!

Well, we know our girl is good looking, but the attention she got from other Think we'll have to keep an eye on this one!

I decided not to put pictures of Coco taking a number two on a pebble beach. Lets just say, my poor mother had to bin some pebbles. I haven't laughed that much in a long time  ever. 

For my guide on Lyme Regis,  click here

I'd love to know more about dog friendly seaside any of my fabulous followers know of any (preferably with pretty shops too)?


Monday, October 22

What I wore: What do you think about hat?

I'd gone and done it.. I've bought a floppy hat. I've wanted one for a very long time, but I don't know if I can pull it off.

I think with the right thing, I could make it work? I was wearing this outfit when I bought I just stuck it on! Zach hates it...

Hat- Monsoon.
Scarf- Lisbeth Dahl.
Dress- F&F at Tesco.
Belt- Dorothy Perkins.
Bag- Urban Outfitters.
Boots- Russell and Bromley. 


Tuesday, October 16

Bought this week...

Or should I say last week? My camera likes to show the date...Tres annoying!

Anyway...I'm starting to feel a cold coming along...

left to right
Hot chocolate, Fruit tea, Lemsip, hot white chocolate, lockets and lip balm.

The lip balm is orange brandy and it tastes like heaven! 


Monday, October 15

Bucks fizz, MJ's glove and my long lost cousin...

I'd be lying if I said last Wednesday wasn't slightly surreal. 

It began with an invitation... 

The Launch of Bath in Fashion 2013, 8.30 am at the Hall and Woodhouse.

Bacon butties and Bucks Fizz, now there's a way to kick off the day!

First there was migleing and a little bit of networking, its mainly about showing your face and representing the company you work for; we were very involved in Bath in Fashion 2012.

There was a speech and then we met Michael Bush whose designs were worn by MJ for over 25 years. 

I did, I'm almost embarrassed to say, ask to hold M.J's glove....if you don't ask, you don't get. 

Me, Michael Bush and my college 

My outfit



Some of Michael's costumes.

Afterwards, I went home and blogged a little, then came a message from my cousin from Northern Ireland. She was randomly over in England and came to bath to meet me. It was such a lovely surprise!

 We had a fabulous dinner with our boyfriends. Lots of laughing and reminiscing about my granddad and her grannie (who were brother and sister).

It ended with a goodbye hug...

By far, the nicest day by random, I've had in a long time!


Wednesday, October 10

What I wore: A walk in the park..

On Zach's birthday, we had a pretty lazy day; breakfast followed by a mooch around town and a walk in the park. It.was.perfect.

Its times like these we realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city. Especially in Autumn. Everything is more colourful and fresh. 

Now, I'm not one for walking boots and anoraks so judge all you want. When I walk, I stick on heels and a Mac. It doesn't get any more sensible than that! 

Mac- Tesco.
Jumper- Superdry.
Scarf- Serendipity. 
Jeans- Levi's.
Boots- M&S.
Bag- Mulberry.

What do you wear at your most sensible?


Monday, October 8

What I wore: Tiffany blue...

In Autumn, all you need is chunky knits...

This reminds me of the outfit Audrey Hepburn wears in breakfast at Tiffany's just before she's due to leave for Brazil...

Jumper- F&F @ Tesco.
Trousers- Gap.
Satchel- Next.
Loafers- L.K Bennett.


Friday, October 5

Happy Birthday, dad...

As a special treat for all of my readers, I thought I'd share this with you to honour my dad's birthday...

Why we love this man...

His love of Christmas, look at the joy in his eyes...

His fashion sense...

his constant thumbs up...

His forever brilliant poses...

But mainly for this photo right here...

He also happens to be the best dad in the world! Happy birthday to my very special dad...


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