Wednesday, June 20


I've been incredibly busy lately, and a little stressed.

But it doesn't stop me seeing the wonderful side of life.

The thing I love about my job, is the unexpected. One minuet, I'm receiving an order, then having a complete stranger take a picture of me in an outfit for inspiration, then cradling a new born baby, then comforting a lady who's husband has just died (which made me cry, in front on her, I TRIED being a professional, didn't work out).  Then I can be confronted with a lady and the fact she hates a part of her body, so I show her what I hate about mine.

Life's a funny old thing. At the moment, I find myself feeling so emotional about the most wonderful things. Love, the future, my family and friends.

I revived an email from an old friend asking what I'm doing now after all these years and how my life has changed. I would have replied, except it had so many other's in the email itself.; it wasn't private.

Its not that I'm ashamed. I'm so proud and happy with how my life is. I just don't see why I have to share with  all these others.

I live in the street I always said I would, I am in the most wonderful relationship with the kindest, most caring guy. I could not have dreamt him up. To top that, we want the exact same things.
Followed by the most supportive network around me. Family and friends I would do anything for and them for me. Can anyone honestly say it gets better than that.

Despite chaos, both in my private and everyday life, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Me and my other half finally have our first day off in 3 months together on Saturday! I don't care what we do, just something nice together.

Monday, June 18

Today I'm wearing...

Simply because....

When the sun is shinning and the temperature is a little unpredictable (as it usually is in the UK), I like to layer with lots of thin, feminine layers!

Top- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Missoni.
Skirt-Karen Millen.
Sandals- F&F @ tesco.
Bag- Vintage.

The skirt is a favourite of mine, I got it from Karen Millen and its the most wonderful colour! Goes with anything!

Earlier today I had a cardigan on but it got warmer a little later on!

Thank goodness the sun is shinning, I was starting to worry it was winter already!


Tuesday, June 12

What to wear...

For date night!

I made this using my ASOS APP.

Romantic, feminine and chic, what date wouldn't be perfect in a get up like this!?

Lets just hope it doesn't rain!

Sarah XxX

Monday, June 11

Trend alert!

The roaring 20's are back again!

I don't know anyone is isn't thrilled by this. With the impending realise of the remake of 'Great Gatsby' (197 days and counting), its time we all get used to a bit more razzle dazzle.

I love authentic 20's gear as much as reproduction pieces! I think I may have to buy the jumper above too! Its so awesome!


Thursday, June 7

Rain, rain go away!

But If it doesn't, then here's the perfect outfit to brave the outside with!

I have a lovely pair of welly boots, but these have a WEDGE! AMAZING!

I think I may have to go shopping, I'm starting for feel I need lots of new things!

I made this myself using the ASOS APP! Love it!

Until tomorrow sweeties!

Sarah XxX

Wednesday, June 6

Today, I'm sleepy!

Its been a hard days night, and I'm still working like a dog!

My work schedule is usually pretty hectic, but at the moment, its crazier than ever!

14 days in a row, then a half day off here and there!

On top of that, I've been cramming in time with the friends and family. The boy and I haven't spent a day together for over a month! With a major event coming up for him this weekend, we have to get our heads down and focus! I'm more than confident that all our hard work will pay off!

Despite working so much, I've managed to celebrate the jubilee! How proud I am to be British!

That's all for now folks, I'm afraid!

I will find a way to blog more! I miss it!

Sarah XxX
House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England