Wednesday, June 20


I've been incredibly busy lately, and a little stressed.

But it doesn't stop me seeing the wonderful side of life.

The thing I love about my job, is the unexpected. One minuet, I'm receiving an order, then having a complete stranger take a picture of me in an outfit for inspiration, then cradling a new born baby, then comforting a lady who's husband has just died (which made me cry, in front on her, I TRIED being a professional, didn't work out).  Then I can be confronted with a lady and the fact she hates a part of her body, so I show her what I hate about mine.

Life's a funny old thing. At the moment, I find myself feeling so emotional about the most wonderful things. Love, the future, my family and friends.

I revived an email from an old friend asking what I'm doing now after all these years and how my life has changed. I would have replied, except it had so many other's in the email itself.; it wasn't private.

Its not that I'm ashamed. I'm so proud and happy with how my life is. I just don't see why I have to share with  all these others.

I live in the street I always said I would, I am in the most wonderful relationship with the kindest, most caring guy. I could not have dreamt him up. To top that, we want the exact same things.
Followed by the most supportive network around me. Family and friends I would do anything for and them for me. Can anyone honestly say it gets better than that.

Despite chaos, both in my private and everyday life, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Me and my other half finally have our first day off in 3 months together on Saturday! I don't care what we do, just something nice together.

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