Wednesday, June 6

Today, I'm sleepy!

Its been a hard days night, and I'm still working like a dog!

My work schedule is usually pretty hectic, but at the moment, its crazier than ever!

14 days in a row, then a half day off here and there!

On top of that, I've been cramming in time with the friends and family. The boy and I haven't spent a day together for over a month! With a major event coming up for him this weekend, we have to get our heads down and focus! I'm more than confident that all our hard work will pay off!

Despite working so much, I've managed to celebrate the jubilee! How proud I am to be British!

That's all for now folks, I'm afraid!

I will find a way to blog more! I miss it!

Sarah XxX

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  1. Make sure you can get some time for yourself from time to time ;) thanks for your visit!


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