Thursday, July 19

Today I'm wearing...

All together as one...

Since I could talk I've insisted I'd never wear an all in one. My mum had one, that she wore WHIST PREGNANT (which is still very wrong)!

It had a very busy pattern and it was no where near as nice as her other clothes!

But I must swallow my pride and admit I was wrong.

I've recently bought this beautiful catsuit. Its an amazing material and I love the colour.

So, Here it is!

Wool Jacket- Zara.
Catsuit- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Missoni.
Sandals- New look.

What do you think? Have you ever broke a fashion rule (personal or one you have heard?)

Sarah XxX

Wednesday, July 18

Work Hard, play hard

Some people can rely on good looks to get by, others their IQ. I knew from a young age (I mean really young, Barbie's and jelly shoes, young), that I didn't have much of both. A kind person might say that I know what suits me, so I can apply to the former, and that I've made a concious effort to read books, watch documentaries and discuss politics-slash-third-world-dilemmas in an effort to trick others I'm the later (which has taken years to achieve!)

But there was something I always had, a overwhelming urge to work really hard. Not at academia or sports, but good old fashioned, honest work.

Lets backtrack to 1996, the year I began my own Saturday stall. I'd get up at the crack of dawn, gather my stock. Price it, stick on my name badge and get myself looking presentable. I would wait eagerly for my first customers, thinking of what I would spend my profit on.

Of course, I was only 6 and my name badge read 'Sarah, happy to help' (something my mother still finds hilarious and tells everyone, ALL THE TIME). And my stock was sort of stolen from my parents, which they then had to buy back. That's love.

It was something I did every Saturday and I took it seriously. I remember having friends over and getting up whilst they were in bed and STILL doing it. Tell me that’s not normal...

And then I got my real job at 13. I cannot tell you the feeling I had every Saturday taking those wages home. It felt good that my parents were proud but It felt amazing, sending myself to Italy at 14, on a school trip. For the record, none of my friends had jobs till much later, which was what they had to do. They had grades to improve, whereas I, always felt it wasn't priority. I felt no pressure, I wasn't an A or a B student. I was lucky to get C's!

I knew I wouldn't go to university to study anything (except a brief quest into the London college of fashion), because it wouldn't have been me. I believe your either a worker or a learner. I have always had that strong work ethic. I'm early into work and late home everyday and I don't want or need thanks for it. That’s the job, that’s why I have it and not someone lazier. It confuses me when I hear my peers thinking if you lack a degree that you won't succeed. Sadly, in the current climate, a degree can also mean you cannot get a job. Its certainly would for me as my grades would have been shameful. Furthermore, I am baffled when people think they are just going to get offered a job by just handing in their CV. There is no charm, no razzle-dazzle-I'm-the-best-employee-you'll-ever-have anymore. Perhaps everyone has lost their moral. Perhaps they never had it.

A friend was horrified the other day when I said that I worked from such a young age. They were shocked my parents allowed it. Let me tell you, they made me! And thank god, without their encouragement for a strong work ethic, I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today.

In my working life the pattern I see immerging is that hard work pays off. I missed parties and didn't get to go on shopping trips on a Saturday with my friends, because I worked. Even after school, my life was a juggling act of two jobs (both evenings and weekends) and a full time college course. I wasn't tired, and I always took on extra shifts because It felt good. I had a lot of money for my age and my bosses liked that
I was so flexible. I also see people older, younger and my age, having not worked as long or as hard and they don't quite get it yet. It takes a few years, and a bit of patience. And god, you have to want to do it. But as a result I feel I will succeed more than I would have not had a job. It also made me more mature, gave me SO much life experience and of course the free things. All in all, I believe work made me.

And this, is only the beginning....

Tuesday, July 17

What to wear...

To Dinner with the girls...

Something chic, elegant and a little daring.

When out with my girlfriends I like to dress a little more feminine. Tonight its a friends' birthday...So Sushi and wine! Mmm!

What do you like to wear with your girlfriends?


Monday, July 16

Today I'm wearing:


You can't go wrong with a tea dress, retro shades a vintage handbag! I was having a fat day yesterday (happens alot lately), so this was my easy-to-wear-without-feeling-enormous outfit.

Sunglasses- Rayban.
Necklace- Fat Face.
Dress- Dorothy Perkins.
Leggings- Primark.
Bag- vintage (my Grandmothers)
Scarf (on bag)- Orla Kiely
Sandals- New Look.

It was lovely weather yesterday so I also had to take the opportunity to wear some summery clothes!

This weekend was lovely! I mainly worked but I did manage a girls night out AND a pub quiz (we came third!). Work hard, play harder, no?

What's your idea of a perfect weekend?


Friday, July 13

Its Friday!!

Its Friday! And here's a few things I love...

My best friend

 This 'Missoni' bike...Which I'll never be able to afford!

Coco. So so much!

My Mum

My dad!

This Man...

This picture of my mum and dad on their wedding day!

What more appropriate than a bit of 'The Cure'....

Have a great weekend!! XxX

Thursday, July 12

Patchwork pavements....

Yet another week has almost flown by! I don't know where the time goes, its a little bit scary! Every week I tell myself I'll put more effort and time into my blog, and before I know it, the week is already gone!

Maybe next week eh?

Today's outfit its my two new favourite colours, red and black. Its smart casual and perfect for a warm summers morning (which it is, so far!).

You'll notice I also have my Mulberry Edna with me...I only use her on special occasions, as she is more than likely to be spilled on/ stained/ have a pen explode inside otherwise. I'm a little rubbish at being good to my bags!

Top- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Peacocks.
Shorts- Peacocks.
Bag- Mulberry.
Sandals- Peacocks.

Have a Great Day!! XxX

Monday, July 9

I Can't believe I haven't blogged for three weeks! Things have been chaotic as usual, but I've managed to have some quality time with Zach, my family and lately, close friends last weekend in Wales.

Despite my reservations, Wales was actually ideal! We had a lovely time! With a Swimming pool, three cottages and a function room (that we turned into a pop-up nightclub, with the help of our DJ friend). 

I can honestly say I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. 

After arriving back home a week ago, its been chaos and neither me or Zach have stopped! I suppose we like it that way, makes life a little more interesting!

Anyway, that was what I've done for the last 3 weeks!

This Maxi dress is so easy to wear. Its comfortable and I love the pattern! My mum actually bought it for me, as she saw it in a sale for £3.00!

Head to Toe in New Look today.

Dress- New Look.
Sandals- New Look.

Have a great day!

House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England