Monday, April 30

Last of the April showers...

Sadly I think the may showers may follow!

This outfit is just classic...Mac, Jeans, boots, polka dot scarf and a brolly....

Mac- F&F.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Jeans- GAP.
Boots- Store 21.
Bag- Ted Baker.
Umbrella- Lisabeth Dahl.

Typical rain attire!

Sorry about the random faces I'm pulling! Zach was making me laugh!

I'm absolutely exhausted today! Had a very busy weekend and very little sleep! To top it all, my other half got food poising and has been so ill! Bless him! He's is much better now though, thank goodness!

Friday and Saturday was manic at work, also my couple of days as I was leaving! I received such lovely cards and presents!

Saturday Zach got ill! We went to dinner, followed by a night of me worrying about him (resulting in 4 hours sleep) and then work followed by seeing my Grandma, then dinner (again), then to see 'The Avengers' (AMAZING).

*sigh*.....I just want to sleep!

How was your weekend!?


Wednesday, April 25

I've got the blues...

I'm currently looking out my window, and its pouring! I'm not looking forward to leaving for work!

I took this picture a couple of days ago, before the rain came!

Its not only rainy, but cold and windy too! Its like winter (Without the run-up to Christmas!)

Tunic- Instant Vintage.
Gilet- Next.
Leggings- Instant Vintage.
Boots- Duo.
Bag- Mulberry.

Lets hope the sunshine and warmth comes out soon!! 

What's the weather where you are?!


Tuesday, April 24

Lazy day....

Today was my day off and I'm glad to say I did pretty much nothing! Other than put together some outfits and go and see my grandma, I was very lazy! 

The outfit I've put together was a result of comfort and staying warm (Its so horribly miserable at the moment).

Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Jumper- H&M.
Tunic (underneath)- Monsoon.
Jeans- GAP.
loafers- Primark.
bag- Mulberry.

Ah well, in two weeks time, I'll be just arriving at my Grecian getaway!


Monday, April 23


I've been so busy lately....My Grandma is very sick and so I've been going to see her everyday in hospital.

The thing with her she's on death's door and then absolutely fine...emotionally, it takes it out of you.

I guess that's why I've been a little absent from blogging..

Anyways, I'm back to it now..hopefully my grandma will be much better soon!

I've also been putting off running and eating healthily. Considering I have to be in a bikini in two weeks tomorrow, I'd better get in shape!

Sitting on a beach at the moment seems a world away. Its been raining for days! Not pleasant at all! I'll be sporting a get up like this today...

When it rains, I can tend to feel down, so I head to the shops! I got some beautiful items for my holiday! 

This ALWAYS makes me laugh!

Until tomorrow bloggets...

Thursday, April 5

Bath in Fashion...

Last week saw Bath in Fashion, and what an amazing week it was. Manolo Blahnik held a talk, countless fashion shows and special shopping events held around the city all week!

I went to a talk held by Roger Saul, founder of Mulberry. It was truly inspiring and was so great to learn the highs (and lows) of a small business turned global fashion house.

I also saw a fashion show. I sat front row (it was awesome!)

Can't wait for next year already! I'll make sure I attend more events, they certainly did not disappoint!

Sarah XxX

Wednesday, April 4

Gone is spring, as Winter's back...

Well after a short but oh so sweet mini spring in the last couple of weeks,  the wind, rain and chill is back!

Just as I was about to get my summer clothes out too!

The key to dealing with this kind of weather is layers! I'm loving long sleeve tops and leggings! When I get home from work, I can just slip the dress off and wear the top and pants around my flat, as a lounge wear!

Scarf- Dorothy Perkins.
Dress- Instant Vintage.
Necklace- Lisbeth Dahl.
Top- GAP.
Leggings- M&S
Bag- Next.
Boots- M&S

I can't wait for Easter Weekend! What are you all doing?!

Sarah XxX

Tuesday, April 3

Violet hill...

'Was a long and dark December.....'

Ever get the urge to wear something at the start of the day the minute you step out of the shower?

I like to sing, in the shower. Love it.

My tunes come with. Today was Coldplay and hummed violet hill for the rest of the day evidently! And guess what colour I was sold on wearing today....

Wool scarf- Elisbeth Dahl. 
 Leather Jacket- Tesco.
Cashmere jumper- M&S.
purple jeans- Dorothy Perkins.
Spotty bag- Ted Baker.
metallic pumps- GAP.

And the bling...

Earrings- Acorn and Will.
Necklace- Accessorize.
Cuff- Accessorize.

Sadly the lovely weather has gone! I'm posting this blog curled up on the sofa looking out at the rain!

Sarah XxX

Monday, April 2

They call me mellow yellow...

Here in Bath its a beautiful spring day! I cannot think of anything better to wear than yellow! This shirt is my favourite at the moment! It even has sequins on the collar....what's not to like!

Cardigan-  Gap Via Charity shop.
Shirt- Instant Vintage.
Jeans- Gap.
Bag- Mulberry.
Brogues- Topshop.

This is a typical work outfit for casual..I think its important to stand out and let your personality shine...especially if you work in the fashion industry!

Have a great day everyone!
House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England