Monday, April 30

Last of the April showers...

Sadly I think the may showers may follow!

This outfit is just classic...Mac, Jeans, boots, polka dot scarf and a brolly....

Mac- F&F.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Jeans- GAP.
Boots- Store 21.
Bag- Ted Baker.
Umbrella- Lisabeth Dahl.

Typical rain attire!

Sorry about the random faces I'm pulling! Zach was making me laugh!

I'm absolutely exhausted today! Had a very busy weekend and very little sleep! To top it all, my other half got food poising and has been so ill! Bless him! He's is much better now though, thank goodness!

Friday and Saturday was manic at work, also my couple of days as I was leaving! I received such lovely cards and presents!

Saturday Zach got ill! We went to dinner, followed by a night of me worrying about him (resulting in 4 hours sleep) and then work followed by seeing my Grandma, then dinner (again), then to see 'The Avengers' (AMAZING).

*sigh*.....I just want to sleep!

How was your weekend!?


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  1. Lovely outfit and even lovelier blog you have here. Glad to have found it :-)

    Camille @ The Wild Fleur


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