Monday, September 24

Aw Snap....

So I'm sad to say, my laptop kicked the bucket! 

I loved my little red Dell but it was old so, I'm not shocked. Just very sad *sniff sniff*

I'll be absent until next Monday whilst I sort out some kind of replacement. I'm already looking at tablets (I live with a geek, you see)

This week see's Zach turn 24 so we also have lots to celebrate. Stay tuned next week for what we got up to!

Sarah XxX

Tuesday, September 18

What to wear: Casual Tuesday.

September is a tricky month to dress for; the sunshine keeps you warm, but once its gone, its pretty chilly! 
Today I'm running around doing errands and blogging so I need something uncomfortable but of course chic!

What do you wear on your day off?


Monday, September 17

What I Wore: Eastern.

This right here, is my new favourite colour. Wine, Burgundy, ruby red. Call it what you will, I won't argue. I just want to wear it

Yesterday morning I threw this outfit on before work, without realising how much I love it. These colours all work beautifully together. Hello Autumn chic-ness (Don't judge my terrible grammar, I'm sleepy). 

Top- Instant vintage.
Earrings- Stella & Dot.
Necklace- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Trousers- Gap.
Bag- A random Moroccan souk
Pumps- Dorothy Perkins. 

What are your autumn colours?

Sarah XxxX

Saturday, September 15

Dreaming of...Downton!

Tomorrow see's the return of Downton Abbey. I simply can't wait. 

Not only is it glamorous, but the plot is intense!


Friday, September 14

Friday I'm in love!

Today's focus is M&S! Their new collection has got me itching to spend money! 

Here are some of my favourite things...

Limited Collection Crops- £35.00

Limited collection Faux Fur coat with wool- £89.00

Sequin coat with Wool- £95.00
Animal print bottoms- £25.00 

Indigo collection waterfall wool layer jacket- £55.00 

Limited collection panelled jacket- £55.00
limited collection asymmetric studded shirt- £29.50
Limited Collection Metallic Skinny Denim Jeans- £35.00

knitted jumper with mohair- £39.50
baroque pencil skirt- £35.00
pure wool rope hat- £19.50

Double breasted military coat with wool- £129.00

Thursday, September 13

What I Wore: True Blue...

For those who follow me on twitter, knew this was coming; I had posted a picture of these awesome pumps on twitter earlier yesterday! Follow me here:

Anyway, so I needed a really comfy outfit with dark colours, as I was dog sitting Coco for my brother. 

Cardigan- Gap via Charity shop.
Scarf- M&S.
Top- Ted Baker.
Jeans- Gap
Pumps- Cath Kitson.
Bag- Mulberry.

I'd love to say I was deep in thought...but a lady was staring at me from the building opposite..Awkward...

Sarah XxX

Wednesday, September 12

What I Wore: Crotchet darling...

Despite being September, its still pretty warm here in the U.K. 
The early mornings are chilly but by about 11, its humid again! I feel ready for Autumn! 

At the moment, I'm slowly fazing out my sandals. I'm going to miss wearing such comfy and flat shoes! Denim jackets are also my best friend right now always. 

Jacket- Peacocks.
Scarf- Missoni.
Top- H&M.
Trousers- Gap.
Bag- Zara.

 What are you wearing right now?

Sarah XxX

What to wear: Autumnal Chic...

Its getting to that time of year where you need your wine mulled, a cardigan chunky and the heating get put on. The leaves begin to fall and you pack away your sandals and dig out our riding boots.

Its this time of year for the Breton shift dress.  Throw on a Mac, ballet pumps and some accessories and your seasonal chic is born.

What do you wear in the Autumn?


Tuesday, September 11

What I wore...

I may have mentioned once or twice that my brother has the most beautiful puppy...

Coco is a chocolate lab and the sweetest little thing any of us have ever seen. As a family, we were not really dog people. I've always been afraid of dogs, my mother is allergic and my dad does like them. 
But my brother has always loved dogs.  And boy, does that dog love him!

I can't believe I find myself wrestling a dog, teeth and all, despite being terrified of them up until five months ago. 

My mother loves her more than she loves any of us and my dad is completely inseparable from her. Yes, Coco has become the centre of our world.

Jacket- Peacocks.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Hobo bag- Mulberry.
Top- Topshop (really)
Trousers- GAP
Pumps- GAP

When your running about after a puppy all day, you want to be comfy! But when your running around with Coco all day, you have to be Chic too (She wears Kilver court collars)! 

What do you think!?

These photo's were taken last week as I was looking after her. My brother was at outlook festival in Croatia (he came back alive, just about).

Pictures all taken by my dad!

Sarah XxX

Friday, September 7

Friday I'm in love!

I'm always looking for inspirational videos to motivate me. I like to know people's stories 
about how they set up their own company, and I love to see it succeed!

I'm a little late in the game now, but I saw this clip on the T.V a couple of days ago and I actually cried a little bit.   

Its great to see someone very normal put a great idea into play and make their dreams come true. Her daughter must literally worship the ground she walks on..

Introducing Julie Deane : Founder of the Cambridge Satchel company! 


Thursday, September 6

Book Club.

During my New York trip, I took some classic books set in the famous city.

F.S.Fitzgerald and Truman Captoe's work to name a few!

My favourite book was 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

For those who havent read or seen the film, The story is about Holly Golightly, a fragile and troubled young girl who also happens to be a socialite. Pursued by Gangsters and weather heirs, she prides herself on being 'top Banana in the Shock department'. 
When it all gets too much, She just jumps in a cab to Tiffany's. Nothing bad could happen to you there!

A Modern Holly Golightly

Get The Look!

I'm such a massive fan of the film but the book was even better! I won't give away the ending (although I will say I prefer to it the film's one). The film is essentially the sum up of the book. All of Holly's famous lines are in there, along with Cat, Sally Tomato, Mr. Yunoshoni, Mag wildwood and of course, Fred.

I couldn't put it down! I just wish there was a sequel!


Wednesday, September 5


Super inventive title today! 

I'm sorry, its late. 

Top- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Trousers- Next.
Handbag- Dorothy Perkins.
Sandals- Topshop

I love this outfit! Its so comfy and perfect for running around at work in! 

That's all for tonight Folks,

Until Tomorrow.... 

Tuesday, September 4

Nothing like a New York Night...

Some evening outfit snaps! 

Zach, Me, Vincent, Alison and my sleepy mother...
Dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Scarf- Ted Baker.

Dad, Vincent, Zach, Me, Alison, Mum.

Dress: L.K Bennett.
Denim Jacket: Peacocks.

Shirt: T.M Lewin.
Shorts: Tommy Hilfigher. 
Gold Wooden heels: Kurt Geiger. 

Dress: Monsoon.
Jacket as before. 

As you can see, I'm loving cream and red at the moment! 
I do like that I have mixed both very American and very British designers together! 

They make a good team! 


House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England