Tuesday, September 11

What I wore...

I may have mentioned once or twice that my brother has the most beautiful puppy...

Coco is a chocolate lab and the sweetest little thing any of us have ever seen. As a family, we were not really dog people. I've always been afraid of dogs, my mother is allergic and my dad does like them. 
But my brother has always loved dogs.  And boy, does that dog love him!

I can't believe I find myself wrestling a dog, teeth and all, despite being terrified of them up until five months ago. 

My mother loves her more than she loves any of us and my dad is completely inseparable from her. Yes, Coco has become the centre of our world.

Jacket- Peacocks.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Hobo bag- Mulberry.
Top- Topshop (really)
Trousers- GAP
Pumps- GAP

When your running about after a puppy all day, you want to be comfy! But when your running around with Coco all day, you have to be Chic too (She wears Kilver court collars)! 

What do you think!?

These photo's were taken last week as I was looking after her. My brother was at outlook festival in Croatia (he came back alive, just about).

Pictures all taken by my dad!

Sarah XxX


  1. I like your outfit. It is very cute! You are right, the dog is beautiful. I love labs. They are the sweetest dogs in the world and very active ;)

    1. i'm also lovin this outfit! jean jackets are the best. the dog is beautiful :)


    2. Thanks ladies! Yes I know, she is the sweetest thing ever! XxX


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