Thursday, September 6

Book Club.

During my New York trip, I took some classic books set in the famous city.

F.S.Fitzgerald and Truman Captoe's work to name a few!

My favourite book was 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

For those who havent read or seen the film, The story is about Holly Golightly, a fragile and troubled young girl who also happens to be a socialite. Pursued by Gangsters and weather heirs, she prides herself on being 'top Banana in the Shock department'. 
When it all gets too much, She just jumps in a cab to Tiffany's. Nothing bad could happen to you there!

A Modern Holly Golightly

Get The Look!

I'm such a massive fan of the film but the book was even better! I won't give away the ending (although I will say I prefer to it the film's one). The film is essentially the sum up of the book. All of Holly's famous lines are in there, along with Cat, Sally Tomato, Mr. Yunoshoni, Mag wildwood and of course, Fred.

I couldn't put it down! I just wish there was a sequel!


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