Friday, November 30

Just ride...

I'm currently sipping mulled wine, surrounded by candles and listening to Lana Del Rey's new song. In case you were wondering, no, I don't think life gets better than this.

Its been another crazy week: I have no idea where my time goes, I'm always busy (which I like), but I have to remind myself to stand back once in a while, enjoy life and just watch.

Today on the way to work I saw a young boy cleaning shop windows. He has possibly the sadest, and the sweetest face you'll ever see. Whenever I see him, It makes me a bit choked up. Its very touching to see a young boy working so hard; and with such grace. Maybe he reminds me of my brother (my poor, poor brother, who did a paper round for years. We never let on, but my parents and I really respected and felt for my brother especially in the winter. )

I'm usually good at not taking things for granted and have trained myself to enjoy and appreciate every rise and fall, but when life goes as fast as it is for me at them moment, its very hard to stop and take it in.

Anyhoo, maybe this mulled wine gets me sentimental- maybe its this time of year- maybe its Lana's new song.

Snood- Dorothy Perkins.
Jacket- Tesco.
Jumper- Instant Vintage.
Trousers- Ted Baker.
Boots- Duo.
Bag- M&S.

Until tomorrow... 


Wednesday, November 28

Lets get whimsical...

I'm all about the ruffles, the sequins, the lace (oh, the lace), and of course the heavy knit. I love texture. Zach always laughs at me when I'm shopping because I have to touch everything.. I've always found it the easiest way to pick the newest addition to my wardrobe.

Anways, the leaves are fallen, and have been swept up, the Christmas market here in Bath has begun, and most importantly, the ice rink is here. We went last night and it was beautiful. I was a bit of a Bambi when I started off but soon found my confidence. 

When Christmas comes, I like to dig out all of my ruffles and sparkles and prance around like Adèle Varens in Jane Eyre. 

Headband- Lisbeth Dahl.
Top- Instant Vintage.
Scarf- Topshop. 
Gilet- Ted Baker.
Arm warmers- Joules.
Skirt- Instant Vintage.
Bag- Ted Baker.
Boots- Duo.


Tuesday, November 20

I'm bringing brooches back...Yeah!

Ignore my gentle nod to Justin Timberlake's Sexyback song if you so wish, but do not ignore the brooch.

I have a few vintage brooches I've picked up at flea markets and antique shops, but I've never seen anyone else wearing one, so I've kept them, waiting.

Recently I bought my mum a beautiful pewter coloured brooch, a leaf shape with diamond-style stones embeedded on it. My mum wears it so well, I've dug out mine and am ready to wear them! 

Since then, I've been looking at modern designs and I've begun my new obsession. I'm determined to get everyone wearing brooches, old and new!

Chic Silhouette Pin- $11 Mod cloth. 

Jennifer Loiselle The Oui Brooch In Pink Glitter- £32


£30.00, now 


BUBA Bunda  £56 -

My Mum, working a brooch. 


Saturday, November 17

Its arrived!...

Once a month I do a 'bobbi shop'....I'm crazy for Bobbi Brown.. I don't believe my skin or make up could look better!

So this month I was offered a free gift I simply couldn't refuse. Two free mini pallets and two free mini mascaras with my usual purchases...

My free gifts!

My monthly essentials..

Friday, November 16

What we did: B is for bicycle...

A couple of weeks ago, as some of my Twitter followers may know, my beau and I went on a beautiful bike ride to Bradford-on-Avon (there's a tongue twister!). It was a cold, but notacloudinthesky day and it was quiet literally an absolute joy to experience.

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm strictly a house cat- very inclined to cities, but I'm mellowing, ever so slightly, in my old age..

Perhaps it was the crisp autumn leaves underneath my pretty bicycle (rented, I may add), the wind in my hair, or the fact my beau treated me to lunch on a barge (a few beers and a pub lunch never go down badly), but I must confess: I do not loath the outdoors as much as once anticipated.

Who Am I!?

Long story short, I am a Cynophobic turned dog whisperer because of Coco. As a result I am no longer weary of parks, beaches, the countryside etc. I would always bump into dogs and freak out, but now I know they are the most wonderful, loyal friends, anyone can have. Again Who am I? 

Then again, who wouldn't love a dog that is happy to rock a snood, prance around in a necklace and be kissed to death all day. Our family has become obsessed with this heavily creature. 

That's what your twenties are all about right? Right?!!?

So anyways; here's some pictures from our 18 mile trek (there and back), Enjoy!

I'm keen on learning more about cycling (atleast along the canal) to other places, so any other Bathonian's, your tips would be much appreciated! 


Tuesday, November 13

It never rains, but it pours...

Yesterday, whist I tried to take my blog pictre, the heavens opened and we re thought our location... Now its not exactly ideal trying to take a picture before heading to work everyday, but we then had the added complication of trying to think of somewhere near by to shoot, that wouldn't make us both late for work....We decided to stay inside, instead!

So please accept my apologies, our building is not flattered in these pictures (a flash is too harsh for a grade one listed buliding)... 

Mac- F&F @ Tesco.
Scarf- Gap.
Jumper- New Look.
Cable knit skirt- Instant Vintage.
Mustard tights- H&M.
Tan boots- Russell and Bromley.
Umbrella- Lisbeth Dahl. 
Bag- Mulberry. 

Have a great day!


Monday, November 12

This is a man's world...

That world being a world of brogues and starched shirts, that is...

I must apologise for my recent absence...I haven't posted for a while, life's just been chaotic. Halloween, bonfire night and the occasional day off with my other half has been bliss. Now, back to business...

Necklace- Thirfted.
Shirt- T.M Lewin.
Top- Instant Vintage.
skinny jeans- GAP. 
Brogues- L.K bennet.

This outfit is a typical work get up... Add a blazer and satchel and your set!

Until tomorrow...

House of Swoon A self confessed, fashion obsessed, twenty-something frmo Bath, England