Monday, April 23


I've been so busy lately....My Grandma is very sick and so I've been going to see her everyday in hospital.

The thing with her she's on death's door and then absolutely fine...emotionally, it takes it out of you.

I guess that's why I've been a little absent from blogging..

Anyways, I'm back to it now..hopefully my grandma will be much better soon!

I've also been putting off running and eating healthily. Considering I have to be in a bikini in two weeks tomorrow, I'd better get in shape!

Sitting on a beach at the moment seems a world away. Its been raining for days! Not pleasant at all! I'll be sporting a get up like this today...

When it rains, I can tend to feel down, so I head to the shops! I got some beautiful items for my holiday! 

This ALWAYS makes me laugh!

Until tomorrow bloggets...

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  1. I hope your grandma feels better. I'm sure she appreciates your visits =)

    - Sarah


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