Tuesday, October 23

Coco's first walk on the beach...

Around a month ago, Zach, my parents and I took Coco to Lyme Regis for the day. Its by far my favourite seaside town; sweet little shops, cosy pubs and its very dog friendly. Its very easy on the eye too!

Well, we know our girl is good looking, but the attention she got from other Think we'll have to keep an eye on this one!

I decided not to put pictures of Coco taking a number two on a pebble beach. Lets just say, my poor mother had to bin some pebbles. I haven't laughed that much in a long time  ever. 

For my guide on Lyme Regis,  click here

I'd love to know more about dog friendly seaside any of my fabulous followers know of any (preferably with pretty shops too)?


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  1. haha way too cute, such beautiful pictures.



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