Monday, October 15

Bucks fizz, MJ's glove and my long lost cousin...

I'd be lying if I said last Wednesday wasn't slightly surreal. 

It began with an invitation... 

The Launch of Bath in Fashion 2013, 8.30 am at the Hall and Woodhouse.

Bacon butties and Bucks Fizz, now there's a way to kick off the day!

First there was migleing and a little bit of networking, its mainly about showing your face and representing the company you work for; we were very involved in Bath in Fashion 2012.

There was a speech and then we met Michael Bush whose designs were worn by MJ for over 25 years. 

I did, I'm almost embarrassed to say, ask to hold M.J's glove....if you don't ask, you don't get. 

Me, Michael Bush and my college 

My outfit



Some of Michael's costumes.

Afterwards, I went home and blogged a little, then came a message from my cousin from Northern Ireland. She was randomly over in England and came to bath to meet me. It was such a lovely surprise!

 We had a fabulous dinner with our boyfriends. Lots of laughing and reminiscing about my granddad and her grannie (who were brother and sister).

It ended with a goodbye hug...

By far, the nicest day by random, I've had in a long time!


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