Monday, January 7

Manic Monday...

And manic it was- Ever decided your going to do a million things at work before home time? That was me today! As long as I'm not bored, I don't care!

I've got bangers and mash a'cooking and wine a'drinking and soap opera a'watching.... There's no other way of de-stressing. 

So, Monday in fashion terms, I feel should be smart: its the start of the working week, and the first Monday of the year- today I mean business. And I want to look the business.

Trench- Burberry (I KNOW!)
Scarf- Alice Hannah.
Jumper dress-Instant Vintage.
Boots- Boohoo.
All Jewellery-Azuni. 

We took our Christmas decorations down last night, it makes me so sad! But I decided to keep up the fairy lights, life is brighter is with them!

Until tomorrow!


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