Wednesday, January 2

Christmas snaps...

Happy New Year all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I'm trying not to get all depressed that Christmas is over, I really am. But I love Christmas. Food, family, drinking, relaxing. I slept alot...

Unfortunately, Zach got the norovirus, so new year was not as eventful... We ended up having a quiet one, a couple of drinks and a couple of friends. We also dog sat coco (she was an angel minus a muddy walk and an accident on the carpet!), as my parents went away, as did my brother.  On new years day we both woke up fresh as daises, which was actually very nice. 

We even went for a dog walk on New Years coming soon!

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  1. Awww, seems like you had a fun and warm evening/s! Your dog is so adorable, love the cute socks :)


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