Tuesday, December 11

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

So I'm facing the chop tomorrow- I'm feeling run down and I look like it too- so tomorrow I'm off for a hair make-over. I love getting my hair done- I hope I like what I'm about to have done! 

So here is my last photograph with my hair the way it is now. I'm so bored of it, the colour is dull and I need some VA VA VOOM.

Sheepskin Coat- Stolen from my mother.
Cardigain- M&S.
Gilet-  Shoon.
Top- H&M.
Trousers- Dorothy Perkins.
Bag- M&S.
Boots- Duo.


  1. i feel the same about my hair too! its just so limp all the time lol! Hope you love your new hair day, cant wait to see pics! That sheepskin coat is immense! so jealous! it looks so cosy and warm :)xx

  2. Hehe, you look so cozy with that coat! Do show us the new hair~

    I like your blog, too! Followed as well ;)

  3. awh, such a pretty outfit! the coat is so wonderful!

    lindsey louise

  4. hi Sarah, thanks for such a sweet note and it's a pleasure to check your space out. what a bunch of goodness, i adore your style and your puppeh-love plus fun times adventuring around! hope the "hair-did" went super swell lades! i just had mine re-shaped & colored, feels amazing when it's fresh. i love the movement in your hair and i already dig your soft, beige blond with your skin coloring. so pretty! whatever perk up you had planned i bet it only emphasizes these things.

    fab outfit! i've got my wintertime voyeurism inhale for the night - just beautiful and steeped with nuggets of delight! ♥

  5. Good luck with your haircut! I always find it both nervewracking and exciting to get a big chop done, I can't wait to see what your hair will look like after :) And I love this layered look, it's really the perfect combination of fashion and function for winter.


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