Wednesday, December 5

Baby Girl...

It seems like just yesterday she was a wee pup and she's now 10 months old. Recently, she started her first season, which we were worried might make her a little crazy... but she's been her usual sweet self. It made her more clingy (which is more than fine by me) and she wasn't able to eat all of her food at meal times... and we did have to put special dog nappies on her on a few occasions (she wasn't a massive fan of that!). 

My brother and her have such a lovely relationship. She's top in her class at puppy training and he couldn't be prouder!

Ahem. So I may have bought her a jumper. I went to pets at home recently and bought like the world was ending. I'm putting together a little few things for Coco's first Christmas. Doggy chocolate, dog sweets, toys (that are indestructible), and a few empty milk bottles (she loves playing with them!)

Ahem. And reindeer ears. That was probably the most we've laughed in a long time. Credit to her, she'll wear necklaces, snoods, berets, even dog jumpers, but they were a bit too far in her opinion. I think they look great!

I love this sweet girl so much! I couldn't imagine my family without her now!

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