Sunday, December 9

Just because its getting colder, doesn't mean I'll ditch my dresses and suede shoes!

This weeks been mental...again. Olympic style Christmas shopping (I am a woman on a mission), slave driving my staff at work (quite literally and I'm not even kidding), Christmas decorations thrown up, a few social events and the onset of a mental breakdown...remind me not to try having children...ever.. (mothers, how do you do it?!)

Collar- Dents.
Coat- Charity shop (buttons my own)
Gilet- Ted Baker.
Dress- M&S.
Boots- M&S.
Bag- Zara.

As you can tell by my puffy face, I've not got as much sleep as my body may like, lately. 
You see, I'm trying to do it all, have it all and not pay a price for it. *another one bites the dust*

I don't want to slow down, I'd just like some more time in the day, and energy to achieve something, please Father Christmas...

I'm going to need it in the New Year.. Stay tuned...

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  1. 100% adore!!!! Sarah, you are way too cute for words to even capture. love your street-smart style and darling bits of whimsy. outstanding dress + the added bits are just a perfect compliment. we start shopping finals this weekend, pray for me..... ♥


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