Thursday, January 3

You can wear Burberry on dog walks, right?

I really don't know who I am. This time last year, I wouldn't walk in parks, go on picnics, I even avoided beaches. Why? Because I was scared of dogs. 12 months later, I'm begging, begging Zach that we look after one on new years eve, and that we take her on a long dog walk the next day.

I don't didn't even like walks, or the countryside for that matter.

One thing that will never change, is my outdoor get up. Burberry trench, mulberry hobo, chunky knits. Sue me. Hell, I wore (Joules) wellies, didn't I?

I might admit, I'm a little ashamed and a little smug I was bright eyed and going for a walk on new years day. But it was just beautiful by the canal and even in the villages on the way back.

Did I mention I got a roast dinner and pint (maybe that's what I love).

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