Thursday, January 3

Bang, bang, bangity bang!

Yes, I got bangs. 

I'll admit, they are awesome. However, lets just talk about what high maintenance they require...having just had pretty short hair for years I thought I was prepared....

I do live in constant fear my straighteners will combust. Constant

And I feel a little like I have a wig on, which also makes me feel like a secret agent A la Salt.

But I also feel a bit Debbie harry and a little sixties. 

Leather jacket- F&F @ Tesco.
Bag- M&S.
Dress- H&M.
Scarf- Lisbeth Dahl.
Boots- M&S

Also, how rusty am I at posing today? You can tell I've taken time off the blog...

Ever had bangs? If so, what are your tips? (Other than not going out in the wind/rain)


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  1. You look cute with bangs! I never thought they'd require a lot of maintenance, haha.


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