Saturday, February 23

Up, up and away...

This time of year is always special for me and the beau. Valentine's followed by our anniversary on the 16th. This year was no exception.. We have been together five years now, and every year gets better....

We usually go away for the week, but this year we opted out as we have a few things to save for this year, but it was so refreshing to just enjoy to city we live in and love. 

I did well this Valentines day...

For our fifth anniversary, I got Zach a picture of our home from Letterfest. Its fabulous and will be perfect  once its framed! He's so pleased with it. 

We also had time for a shoot with Coco's birthday balloon..She didn't mind...

Jacket- Monsoon.
Scarf- Accessorize.
Top-Instant Vintage.
Jeans- Topshop.
Boots- Russell and Bromley. 

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