Monday, February 25


No words. My vocab is now just Brrr. And Chatter.

Laugh all you want to my readers in Iceland/ Scandinavia/ Russia/ Canada...How is one supposed to cope with such frosty conditions? I just want to put on sandals and take a trip to the coast.

So, as I can't, and life simply must go on, I throw on my most suitable winter outfit and brave the city....

Hat- H&M.
Coat- Ralph Lauren.
Scarf- Missoni.
Jumper- Gap.
Jeans- Topshop.
Boots- Kurt Geiger. 
Bag- Mulberry.

Granted, it may not that be sensible but Missoni, Mulberry and Ralph Lauren have kept me warm today. Just.

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  1. i agree! it is so freaking cold and we're nearing March! i thought it would be getting milder! all i want to wear is my huge cire down coat as its the only thing that keeps the cold out, but isnt very stylish lol! love your boots here, KG always gets me swooning ,lol xx


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