Thursday, August 23

What I wore...

New York City, August 2012.

Day Four: Empire state of mind...

I had a constant flow of lyrics in my head whist in the big and beautiful apple, ('Brooklyn bay, where they birthed me at'-Jay-Z/ 'Queen of Coney Island/ Cipriani's basement'- Lana del Ray)

But Empire state of mind came to me at this point

My Godmother (in the blue dress) and her husband.

Me and my mum.

Left to Right, Alison, Vincent, my Dad, Mum.

As great as it was getting a birds eye view of the city, I nearly kissed the ground when we got down! It was scary, but beautiful!

Empire state.Flat Iron building.Staten Island. Magnolia bakery. Dylan's candy store.

Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Dress- Monsoon.
Bag- Vintage; my grandmothers.

Night Night! XxX

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