Monday, April 8

My beloved Grandma, 1925-2013.

You may notice I have been absent from my blog and other such things. My grandma has sadly passed away after being unwell for a very long time.

I'm sure you can imagine it has been very sad for us as a family, despite knowing she would not get better, so I won't go into all that.

Instead, I will celebrate her life....

My grandmother, the style icon. Fashionable always, even in her late seventies; she donned a mini skirt. She would make her own clothes, and was lucky enough to go to Paris, and shopped till her well dressed arms dropped.

She loved dogs- her black lab Patti would sit in the back of my grandparents convertible car as the drive on day trips or for picnics. They took wonderful pictures and truly looked like film stars ( perhaps I'm slightly biased!).

I spent my life being asked by my grandmother; sick or well, where I got my clothes from. It was only in the last month that she hadn't. I knew it meant the end.

Although this is a sad time, we are celebrating my dear grandmothers life- it is what she would have wanted. Enjoy the snaps!

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It looks like your grandma was absolutely fabulous, so it does seem a celebration is in order.


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