Wednesday, April 17

Oh hello spring, nice to see you!

After taking a bit of a break recently since my Grandma's passing away, I'm so happy to say I'm back to blogging! 

I decided after been told that she had gone, that I would plan the funeral, and read her eulogy at it. My Grandma only had my mum and I felt I was the only person that could speak. It was my final opportunity to do something for her, that I think she would have loved. 

By planning the funeral (and Zach decided the most beautiful order of service programs- I will always love him for that), and worrying about getting choked up at the funeral, I took a step back from my blog. I carried on with my job, and I didn't want to slack, I cannot slack, so I tried to keep myself together but cutting something out temporarily. 

Trench- Burberry.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Blouse- Ted Baker.
Skinny Jeans- Gap.
Pumps- Insant Vintage.
Sachel- Moroccan, found in a second hand shop. 

And Guess what? I read with out a hiccup (how, I'll never know...)

Its been difficult but I'm getting there, and I'm so happy to start up my blogging again! And hey, its spring too now, everyday seems to get easier! 


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  1. So sorry about your grandmom. It sounds like your doing such a lovely and beautiful thing to plan the funeral and speak, although I'm sure it can be overwhelming at times!

    On a totally different note you look lovely! This outfit looks great on you:)

    Best of wishes!



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