Wednesday, March 13

Emotional Rec....

I protest! The wind and my fringe are not friends- they never will be. This results in my life currently consisting on me grunting all the way around bath- whenever the wind blows, my straightened hair becomes somewhat unruly and I lose my temper...

Today's picture is no exception- See the gritted teeth and the damnyoubangs look on my face.

But then I remember my beautiful city- and that pictures, no matter how ruined by the wind, looks stunning in any weather. Today's picture is taken by the river weir  just looking over to the bath Rec. I'm not a massive rugby fan myself but I always make an exception for Bath....

Jacket- Monsoon.
Scarf- Instant Vintage.
Jumper- Instant Vintage. 
Belt- Dorothy Perkins.
Skinny jeans- Topshop.
Pumps- Dorothy Perkins.

This week I have received such wonderful news. I can't share it yet (don't hate me!) but I cried when I heard it...all I'll say is its nice to seeing a loved one having their dreams come true. 


  1. I am crushing on your belt, isn't it lovely? Must look in Dorothy Perkins more often, I always kind of forget about them when shopping!

    E x


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