Sunday, March 3

Vintage Mexican Rug Skirt- I Choose you!

I was recently browsing a vintage shop, and as usual, loved everything. But the second I saw this skirt...I had to have it. Its so unusual, and the pattern just grabbed me. I love quirky things. 

However. When I got it home, I couldn't make it work! The length felt all wrong and heavy wool, so couldn't put it will heels in the summer. But after many a night working on it...I decided to take it for a trip down Boho Lane....

Jacket- F&F @ Tesco.
Scarf- A Present from my Best friend.
Gilet- Coco's. (the shop not our dog!)
Top- Instant Vintage.
Skirt- Vintage.
Boots- M&S.
Bag- Urban outfitters. 

Just to confirm my love for this swirls as I walk down the street. Oh I've fallen head over heels!

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