Friday, March 1


I know you all know by now how cold it is here. Because like any other English person on the planet, I seem to be utterly obsessed with discussing with weather. But I am so cold. Cold enough to wear the Daddy for all chunky knits...
This wooly number got me in a frenzy last time I wore it (a restaurant, a curry, no top underneath, complete disaster). 
I've been punishing it ever since. I thought it was going to kill me that night (I had to leave the building for fresh air!), but its life sentence is over- I just won't be wearing to dinner anytime soon. 

Collar- Dents.
Coat- Dorothy Perkins.
Jumper- A charity shop bargain. 
Skirt- Monsoon.

My outfits have been so dark lately...I need sunshine. But hey, check out my blue nails. Risque...

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