Monday, March 18

Nothing quite like an Irish Stew...

By no means do I consider myself Irish- but given my Grandpe being from Northern Ireland, I'm partial to Irish occasions.
He always insisted I was typically Irish- saying I had a sensitive soul- and I'm stupidly sentimental (I can't throw away subway/tube/U-bahn etc tickets from city breaks)...

But when mum and I traveled to meet our Irish family, I felt my Irish roots for the first time since my grandpe died....

Last Saturday  we had an early celebration with stew (my dad makes THE BEST stew. Beef with veg and adds in olives...) .

Stew is best served with mustard mash and a glass of wine!

I'd give you the recipe but my dad changes it every time he makes it, by adding different things in. It seems to get better each time and I can never quite make it the way my dad does. Its worth the journey to their house just for the food!

Happy St. Patrick's day!


  1. It looks so delicious:)

  2. Very appetising; looks great!


  3. Im so Hungry gosh...this looks amaze

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  4. defntly hungryyyyy now :)


  5. This looks delish! My great grandfather was from Galway but out last name hails from 2 counties one in the south and one in the north.

    Ali of

  6. I think Irish stew is never to be made ith a recipe but with soul! :)


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